Sunday, January 13, 2008

About Google Android Emulator

At the very beginning, google released google android SDK, it is running on the emulator. There is no hardware.

The Google android emulator is included in the google android sdk. So far google provides three platforms sdk, they are windows, Mac OS X (intel), Linux (i386). The emulator is in the tools folder: emulator.

The google android emulator is based on the qemu, which is a open source. Google makes some changes based on the qemu 0.8.2. The source code is also available. With the emulator source, you can make any changes you want, and replace the original one to look for information you want. One command to compile the emulator source code:

Available links:
  1. Google android sdk
  2. Google android emulator source package
  3. Qemu open source


shivseo said...

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steve beckam said...
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tran dung said...

I don't know why there is a few posts about android emulator source code. This is one of them, very useful.

However, I had problem when compiling android emulator source code. The sdl/src/audio/pulse/*.c is not found. So I added --disable-audio to configure script of SDL, it is compiled OK.

However, from the help of emulator, there is no option like -avd. It is strange for me because most of guideline to start Android from command is to run $./emulator -avd ...

Can you give me the explanation?